Why to invest with Primecare ?

Our strategy to consolidate our focus on India is clearly in line with the priorities and opportunities that lie ahead.

From a single medical centre in 2014 at Bangalore, the start-up capital of India, we are on a warpath to complete the integrated healthcare model with three hubs and twenty satellite centres across the city. The model has the potential and the team has capabilities to expand into the rest of South India.

We are also simultaneously working to enter the Middle East market over the next couple of years, as we believe, Primecare has a potential to make a mark in delivering the much needed change here.

All this has been possible by the dedication and commitment of the management team and the capabilities developed over the short time to deliver projects in multiple locations.

Primecare team, invites you to explore our website and learn more about all that Primecare has to offer. We would like to invite you to be a part of this exciting journey where you joining hands with us would not only strengthen our resolve but also help us deliver better. We would be only too glad to hear more from you and make Primecare more responsive to your needs.

For investment related queries please email us on investments@primecare.in